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Exceptional Work Takes Exceptional People


We take pride on being a family owned and operated business, as well. With a storied past that began with CEO and President, Matt Davis and his wife, CFO, Kim Davis, the future of Intentional Contracting Inc. looks bright with daughter Natalie Davis and son, Daniel Davis each holding positions at the company. We, therefore, have proven stability and longevity with the people on our team as we are able to tap into our past experiences, while looking towards the future. 


Individuals Committed to a Group Effort

At Intentional Contracting Inc., we understand that executing your vision on schedule and within budget takes planning, processes, and most importantly the right people. With over twenty years of experience successfully completing projects of varying style and complexity, we are certain to have the right people for your project. Our team knows how to use each other’s individual strengths and talents to effectively divide tasks. In turn, this multiplies our success over and over again during each step of the process, and the end results are always something we are proud of.

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Matt Davis

CEO and President

As CEO and President of Intentional Contracting Inc., Matt Davis leads his team by
example from his several years of experience in the industry.
From his first construction job at seventeen years old, hand excavating a hillside foundation in Marin County, to the present time, overseeing operations of multiple projects of varying style and complexity, he has never left any project that he would not be proud of. 
He takes pride in precision and the meticulous details that come with every job. He has been known to say, “Do the right thing even if nobody is looking.” 
Surrounded by a majority of individuals on his team who have been with his company for over 10 years (with some over 15 years), Matt believes this is a testament to the environment created at Intentional Contracting Inc. and the relationships he has built with his team and customers over his 35 years of experience. 
When Matt is not in the field or in the office, you can find him fishing, boating, or hunting and enjoying the company of his family and friends. 
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Kim Davis


As Co-Founder and CFO of Intentional Contracting Inc., Kim makes sure her personal values of integrity, discipline, diligence, and accountability trickle their way through the company and all its clients. Founded on these values in 1999, Kim’s education in business and background of performing office management work for other construction companies allows her to make Intentional Contracting Inc. a company second to none, as she oversees bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and taxes seamlessly.
Kim acknowledges that Intentional Contracting Inc. is composed of a team of hardworking, self-motivated, and detail-oriented individuals that help make their company a success. 
When Kim is not running the business with her husband Matt, she enjoys the great outdoors camping, fishing, and hiking. Kim also savors reading a good book, cooking a new recipe, and spending time with Matt and her two children and grandchild.

Mark Alkire

Senior Estimator and Senior Project Manager

From early on, Mark Alkire wanted to be a builder. Working in the construction industry since 1983, Mark has spent years perfecting his craft installing foundations and other concrete work for both residential and commercial construction in the Bay Area. Holding the same company values of honesty, integrity, and truthfulness in everything we do, Mark provides transparency with cost estimates, project management, scheduling and billing.
When Mark isn’t working, he can be found spending time with his wife and six kids (with ages ranging from 15 to 34 years old) and enjoying hobbies that include astronomy and managing their small urban farm complete with chickens, rabbits and sheep. His greatest passion outside of being devoted to his family however is being a baseball umpire for everything from adult, high school, to little league.
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Natalie Davis

Assistant Project Manager

Helping her father, Matt Davis, on job sites since she was very young, Natalie Davis has been immersed in the construction industry since her childhood. Even at an early age, she knew that one day she wanted to join the family business. 
Natalie is a graduate of UC Berkeley and is currently taking courses at Sonoma State University to obtain her construction management certification. Naturally, she is dedicated to building upon her solid foundation in construction to be able to provide exceptional, first-class service to Intentional Contracting Inc.’s customers. As her father would say: “Treat people better than you would like to be treated.” As such, it is through her experience, education, and upbringing that she has shown her dedication to construction and is able to be the trusted liaison between vendors, employees and clients and organize and communicate project expectations.
Natalie proves to be a goal driven individual exemplifying the core values of integrity and quality with every project she has worked on. Leading by example, it is clear to everyone she has worked with that punctuality and attention to detail are also invaluable traits she possesses and holds important to others.  
In her free time, Natalie enjoys fishing, camping, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

Holly Tibbet

Office Manager

Payroll, invoicing, people and vendor management, Holly does it all for Intentional Contracting Inc. As a family woman with a husband and two boys, Holly loves working in a family-oriented business that is versatile and allows her to perform much of her responsibilities from home.Thriving with this work and family life balance, she is able to work that much harder for you and the company and perform her daily tasks with confidence and veracity.
As a working mom, Holly doesn’t have much free time. She stays busy when she isn’t working by chasing around her two boys, taking them on bike rides, and working with the teenagers at her church with her husband.

Ralph Paetz


Enabling the progression that begins from a set of blueprints to project completion, Ralph relishes in seeing the smile on a client’s face when they see the completed project. Beginning as an Apprentice Carpenter in 1980 and currently serving as a Superintendent, Ralph’s over four decades of experience provides him with the ability to be part of all aspects of a construction project. In fact, he has proven to be able to run several projects at once and keep tight schedules on track, all while training apprentices into bona fide carpenters. Ralph has been known to excel in detailed finish work. He takes pride in his work of overseeing high end custom homes and winery projects and works to instill this same sense of pride with the apprentices he trains while on the job.
When not working, Ralph is happiest fishing, hunting, and spending time with his family. Ralph joined Intentional Contracting Inc. in 2009.

Alejandro Muñoz


With twenty years of construction industry experience, Alejandro Muñoz is more than capable of getting the job done. He gets it done right and within the estimated budget. Beginning his career in Washington before moving to California, Alejandro is able to lend his expertise with working in different climates and terrains and uses this knowledge to make sure things run smoothly at job sites rain or shine.
In his free time, Alejandro enjoys spending time with his family. Alejandro joined Intentional Contracting in 2006.

Daniel Davis


As Matt and Kim Davis’ son, Daniel grew up in the construction industry. He learned the basics about construction from some of the very best in the business at a young age. Often doing side projects on their family ranch and working for the company during his teenage years and throughout much of his adulthood, one can say construction is just in Daniel’s DNA. His typical workday can consist of framing, concrete, and finish work jobs. After working in the field, he can also be found helping in the office to address items on the business end for the company.
Daniel believes that one must have integrity, be hardworking, and be professional in this business. Every day he feels blessed to be surrounded by a team that takes this seriously as they work on complex, high-end projects. Daniel enjoys working alongside his family and the team at Intentional Contracting Inc. every day, and knowing there is always something new to learn on the jobsite.
When Daniel isn’t working, he enjoys hanging out with his daughter, family and friends and spending time outdoors hunting and fishing.

Carlos Torres-Lopez


Running primarily concrete jobs and framing jobs for the past twelve years, Carlos handles complex projects with ease and lets his skill shine. Stem wall foundations, walls, flat work, and custom projects are his specialty. Ever so passionate about his work, Carlos loves being part of the team at Intentional Contracting Inc. as he believes that together they deliver quality work. For Carlos, it is easy for him to take the lead with the company’s concrete and framing projects, as he says everyone on the team takes their job seriously and takes pride in their work. He enjoys that every project always brings something new, so he is constantly learning, and using things he has learned from past experiences to navigate his way to a beautiful, finished project. 
In Carlos’s free time, he likes to spend time with his family.

Gerhard Gassner


Even after four decades in the timber framing industry, Gerhard Gassner still loves the smell of wood chips flying out of the router machine and falling over his face. Since 1978 during his days as a timber framing apprentice in Munich, Germany, he has loved the physical parts of his job and the expert movements it requires throughout the day. He is the authority on timber framing, mortise and tenon, wooden joinery and CAD drawings and hopes to set the example for the next generation. Tellingly, Gerhard has worked on many prestigious projects such as building sets in the Bavarian Film Studios and rebuilding the warehouse and fence at the historic Fort Ross, in Jenner, CA. He also previously ran his own business, Bavarian Timberwork from 2002 to 2018, before his shop in Santa Rosa, CA burned away.
For fun, Gerhard enjoys fishing, bicycling, motorcycles, and family life having four kids and four grandkids.
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Javier Salas

Lead Carpenter

With over twenty-one years of experience in the construction industry, first entering as a Laborer and now as a Carpenter, Javier is well versed with construction sites and what needs to get done. From the daily physical labor aspects to the designing and installation aspects, Javier enjoys doing it all with the team at Intentional Contracting Inc., checking tasks of their list and taking the team to the next step for each project he gets his hands on. Working hard for Javier is easy for him as he enjoys everything about his position as a Carpenter.
Outside of work Javier enjoys spending time with his family. Javier
joined Intentional Contracting Inc. in 2007.


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